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Your baby in the picture

An ultrasound involves taking a look inside the abdomen. There are several reasons to have an ultrasound. Together, we determine at which times it may be useful during your pregnancy.

Regular and medical ultrasounds

Growth process

Every pregnant woman is entitled to a number of ultrasounds in her pregnancy. These are the term echo and the Structural Echoscopic Examination around 20 weeks of pregnancy. You can also get an extra ultrasound on the indication of the midwife, for example if we have doubts about the growth or positioning of your baby. All these ultrasounds are covered by the insurance.

Thirteen-week ultrasound

Currently, ultrasound is also possible around the 13th week. This ultrasound is currently only offered as part of a study: the IMITAS study. The midwife will discuss this possibility with you during the intake.

Partnering with Vita for the best quality

We refer for ultrasounds to obstetric centre Vita. An expert ultrasound centre with over 15 years of experience. You can also go there for an ultrasound at your own request, the 'pretecho'. In some cases, an ultrasound will be at the gynaecologist's hospital, which we call a medical ultrasound.

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