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Ready for take-off

Good preparation for your labour gives peace of mind. Besides mental preparation, it is useful to take care of some practical matters. This page tells you how you can make sure you are ready for your labour and the period after, ready to go!

Preparing in time

Long-awaited yet surprised
Because you do not know in advance when you will give birth, it is useful to have everything prepared from at least the 37th week. At the time of labour itself, your mind is usually not on it.

Good preparation can eliminate fear and uncertainty. This allows you to relax better during labour. And relaxation ensures that you suffer less from the pain and your contractions progress better, making your labour smoother. How can you prepare properly?

What can you do?

  • Find reliable information about giving birth (we will give you an information pack);
  • Ask questions of your midwife;
  • Visit a information evening with us;
  • Follow a pregnancy course;
  • Practice breathing techniques beforehand;
  • Discuss your wishes around childbirth using the birth plan (we schedule extra time for this at the consultation);
  • Arrange for someone to help you continued support can offer (your partner, family or a friend).
What do you need to arrange for delivery?
  • Your name and house number should be clearly visible and there is a functioning bell. Leave the outside light and/or the light in the hall on;
  • Your address is easy to find. If you know that this does cause problems, make sure you have a clear map and/or directions in advance;
  • The bed is at the right height: 80-90 cm (please measure it) and comes with a bed sheet;
  • There is a full maternity package in the house (usually available through your health insurer);
  • A functioning telephone is provided.
What do you need for a home birth?
  • All supplies should be at hand;
  • Two buckets containing a rubbish bag are under the bed;
  • There are warm pitchers with clothes around them in the made-up cradle;
  • There is a pile of cotton nappies and a couple of large bath towels ready;
  • Something to protect the flooring if necessary;
  • You give birth in a place in your home from which any transport to the hospital is easily possible (for safety reasons, we prefer the ground floor);
  • Good light.
Where can you borrow/rent stuff?
  • Harting Bank
    Loan beds, bobbins, bedpan, parrot etc.
    Stavangerweg 4 Groningen
    Loan and sale of care aids; beds, bobbins, bedpan

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