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Prenatal examination

You decide

Pre-birth testing aims to find out more about a child's health and development. Examples include NIPT, extensive ultrasounds, chorionic villus testing and amniocentesis. Whether you want to have tests done is up to you.

Prental screening

You can have your unborn child tested for a number of congenital conditions. This is called prenatal screening. You can choose different tests:

  • The Nipt: Prenatal screening by blood test for Down, Edwards and Patau syndrome.
  • The 13-week ultrasound: screening for physical abnormalities. The 13-week ultrasound is very similar to the 20-week ultrasound. You can opt for the 13-week ultrasound if it allows you to take part in the scientific Imitas study.
  • The 20-week ultrasound: screening for physical conditions.

More information
You decide whether and which tests you want to have done. For detailed information on this, please refer to www.pns.nl. On this website, you can find a lot of information and watch a video explaining this screening, among other things. You can also use the decision aid 'conscious choice' fill in for support. During your first appointment with us, if you wish, we will also talk about these screening options. It is good to think in advance about how much you want to know about your child already during pregnancy and what you would do if a condition comes out of the tests.

Prental diagnostics

If a certain condition runs in your family, you may sometimes qualify for prenatal diagnostics. The tests included in prenatal diagnostics are chorionic villus testing, amniocentesis and extensive ultrasound examination at the UMCG. In case of an increased risk following prenatal screening, diagnostics are also offered.

To investigate further or not?
If you qualify for prenatal diagnostics, you decide whether you want to use it. It is also possible to choose not to do anything. Prenatal diagnostics is not the same as prenatal screening. In prenatal diagnostics, one investigates whether or not the unborn child has a certain condition. In prenatal screening, one only calculates the risk of a certain congenital disorder.

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