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Evaluate and monitor

You are welcome to come for a follow-up check-up six weeks after giving birth. It is nice to evaluate the care you received and to hear how you are doing now. We usually make the appointment with the midwife who attended your delivery. We also discuss then whether you have any physical or mental complaints.

Make an appointment

At its own request

The initiative to make an appointment lies with you. We no longer do standard follow-up checks, as many women cancel them last minute if all goes well. And fortunately, this is true in most cases.

Not necessary, but sometimes pleasant

A follow-up check-up appointment is not usually medically necessary. But some people like to have a chat about the pregnancy, delivery or postpartum period. Or maybe you still have questions or complaints. 

Are you taking the little beauty with you?

If you come, we do really like it if you bring the little one too!