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Proud, knowledgeable and trusted

Our team consists of four women with many years of experience, together 105 years! Caring for the pregnant woman and her family is something we still enjoy doing. We are also active in the region and all of us have other duties in addition to our work in the practice to promote the quality of our care. We keep our knowledge up to date and are registered in the KNOV quality register.

How it all began

Piece of history

Period 1964 to 1989 - Loes Bink

Our practice was founded in 1964 by Loes Bink. Your mothers may remember her. A midwife in heart and soul. She had great love for her profession and felt great commitment to the women she helped.

Period 1989 to 1994 - Benice & Saskia

Benice joined Ms Bink's practice in 1989. It took her a while to lose the image of 'Ms Bink's assistant' :). When Ms Bink retired 5 years later, Saskia continued with Benice in 1994. The practice had no name then; it was just Benice and Saskia.



Period 1994 to 1999 - Benice, Saskia & Itske

Benice and Saskia became mothers in the following years. The practice kept growing in those years. Lots of pregnancies, a shortage of midwives and small children themselves. That was quite a tough time, but great that our practice was doing so well. Another five years later, in 1999 our saving angel Itske joined our practice. First as an observer for maternity leave and then as a permanent midwife in the partnership.

Period 1994 to 2005 - Benice, Saskia, Itske & Jenneke

We still had no name but in the corridors (by the maternity nurses and the people at the Martini hospital) we were called BIS. Not very pretty, but nice and easy. Itske also soon became pregnant and had three children in the following years. In 2005, we had a very nice intern. That was Jenneke. She graduated in the first batch of the new study programme in Groningen and came to work with us. And luckily, she never left. Well, and then suddenly we were called BIJS.

Period 2005 - 2017 - The Midwifery Practice of Groningen

Actually, we had been brooding on a name for the practice for years, but it turned out to be quite difficult. In the end, we chose: The Midwives Practice of Groningen. Not very cosy, but clearly so. The people at the hospital and maternity care insisted on BIJS, by the way. Now that, anno 2017, we have been working together in our beautiful practice for over 10 years, it is time for a new name and a fresh new look.

2017 - present: Proud Midwives

Meanwhile, Benice, Saskia, Itske and Jenneke have a combined experience of more than 100 years!

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