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What suits you?

Contraception is an important but often under-researched topic. It takes time and consideration to make a choice that suits you. Wendy Wielenga is the Contraception Specialist. She knows the answers to all your questions. She can prescribe a prescription, place an IUD or implantable rod and also offers aftercare. Thanks to the experience of The Contraception Specialist you can be confident that you will be heard, seen and helped.



At some point after pregnancy, contraception will become important again. After you give birth, your cycle resumes. When that is varies from person to person. Breastfeeding may affect this. Remember that you always have ovulation before your period, so you are fertile before your first period.

Every woman's body and needs are different. So it is good to discuss which forms of contraception are available and which one suits you best. We will discuss it with you at the conclusion of care.

For different forms of contraception, you can find more information on the website of www.anticonceptiespecialist.nl. Wendy provides consultations and places (and removes) spirals and implantation rods. She does this at our practice on Querido Avenue, among other places. Click on this link To make an appointment with her directly.