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We attach great importance to optimal cooperation with other healthcare providers. Pleasant and professional cooperation with other disciplines benefits your pregnancy.

Caregivers during pregnancy

Short lines

You will have to deal with a number of healthcare providers during your pregnancy and the birth of your child. Your midwife, of course, but also an ultrasound operator and a maternity nurse. Possibly a lactation consultant, the family doctor, a physiotherapist, a gynaecologist or paediatrician.

Short lines with professionals

We believe it is important that cooperation between our practice and these various disciplines runs smoothly. Timely consultation, clear communication and short lines of communication are prerequisites. This is how we work together to provide safe and professional counselling.

Martini Birth Group

We work closely with Martini Hospital's Obstetrics Department and Maternity Care. This partnership called 'Martini Birth Group' stands for personal, reliable and innovative birth care, at home and in hospital. With this, together with gynaecologists, nurses and maternity care, we strive for the best care around pregnancy, birth and postpartum. If you want to know more about the 'Martini Geboorte Groep', click on the logo below and take a look at the website.

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