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Proud, knowledgeable and trusted

Our team consists of four women with many years of experience, together 105 years! Caring for the pregnant woman and her family is something we still enjoy doing. We are also active in the region and all of us have other duties in addition to our work in the practice to promote the quality of our care. We keep our knowledge up to date and are registered in the KNOV quality register.

Fiere personal - Midwives team

Benice Clingeborg

  • Born in Zuidhorn, home birth

  • Fiere midwife since 1989

  • Graduated in Heerlen

  • Married and 4 studying children

When Benice was still in primary school, she had already thought of becoming an obstetrician. She enjoys guiding expectant young parents through the special phase in their lives and being allowed to be present at the birth of their child.

She prefers to fill her free time by reading Scandinavian thrillers, gardening, making (and drinking!) delicious coffees, doing odd jobs and going on holidays. Besides working at Fiere herself, she is active in the working group Integral Financing of the Martini Birth Group.

Saskia van Barneveld

  • Fiere midwife since 1994
  • Graduated in Amsterdam
  • Born in Den Helder, home birth
  • Married and mother of a son and daughter

After a career in veterinary medicine, Saskia switched to obstetrics. Although she still retains her passion for animals, she has never regretted it because obstetrics is and remains a very special profession. She is thorough and precise in her work and looks back with satisfaction on a beautiful delivery .

In her free time, she can mostly be found in the garden surrounded by her horses, dogs and cats. Saskia is also creative. Among other things, she makes the crisp wipes for all babies born at Fiere.

Besides working at Fiere, she is active in the midwives' cooperative and tutors maternity nurses.

Itske Huberts

  • Fiere midwife since 1999

  • Graduated in Rotterdam

  • Born in Nuenen, home birth

  • Lives with her husband and 3 children, 2 of whom have now flown out

After all these years, Itske still loves watching a child being born and being part of that intense moment. She will never turn down the occasional snuggle with a baby in her arms.

In her free time, she is active outdoors cycling, sailing, hiking and skiing. When it is too cold, you will find her inside with a book or an instrument. She also likes to taste the cakes she bakes herself.

Today, she is the Centering Pregnancy supervisor within the practice and, in the region, a focus officer for the Nu Niet Zwanger project and president of the cooperative of midwives Rondom Groningen.

Jenneke Kruidhof

  • Fiere midwife since 2005

  • Graduated in Groningen

  • Born in Winsum, home birth as 4th daughter

  • Lives with her boyfriend and 5-year-old daughter and cat Fiep

Jenneke wanted to become a midwife when she was still playing with barbies. She gets joy from the personal contact with pregnant women and her family and also often watches delivery videos online in her spare time.

Loves binge-watching good NPO and scandinavian series. Having once hiked up Kilimanjaro, these days she is mostly hiking with her toddler. A favourite outing is the theatre or the oosterpoort.

Besides working at Fiere, she has been involved for years as a board member at ultrasound centre Vita and recently in the steering committee of the Martini Birth Group.

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