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Maternity care

A helping hand

Having a baby is very special. For you, but also for the rest of your family. In the Netherlands, we have the unique system of maternity care, which helps the family on its way in the first period after giving birth.

A relaxed start

Care for mother, child and family

The realisation that the maternity nurses share in your greatest happiness makes them do everything they can to make the maternity period unforgettable. The maternity nurses are there to give you a warm and relaxed start with your baby.

Maternity assistant

Our unique system of maternity care makes it possible to give birth at home if you wish. During labour, at home or in hospital, we are usually assisted by a maternity assistant. When you go into labour, she will be called by us.

Support and advocate

After that, in the first eight days after birth, she is the support and advocate of all fledgling mums and dads. She provides information, practical help and tips, does medical checks on you and your baby and will do some housework.

Maternity visits by Fiere

Besides the daily help of a maternity nurse, you will be visited several times by the midwife or practice nurse. The midwife who helped you give birth will always try to visit you again. The midwife retains final responsibility for mother and child until 10 days after the birth. Together with you and the maternity nurse, we will check whether everything is going according to plan.

Maternity care organisations

Early on in your pregnancy, you can register with a maternity care organisation. You will receive an information package from them.

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