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Courses and information

We want to prepare you as well as possible for pregnancy, labour and maternity. That is why we offer a number of information meetings and courses in addition to the consultation hours. Here, we will teach you and your partner everything you need to know for the period ahead. On this page, you can find more information about the courses and easily register.

Pregnancy courses

Fiere Information Evenings

Course offering Fiere

For clients

Our Fiere courses and information sessions on pregnancy, childbirth and maternity are a fun and meaningful addition to the regular pregnancy courses organised in Groningen.

Crash course or refresher course

If you did not succeed in taking a regular course, you can still join us at the end of your pregnancy for a crash course or, for example, a refresher course if you have already given birth once.

Fiere courses by Marion Booij

Our nurse Marion Booij handles the presentation of the meetings and courses.

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Marion Booij

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