Fiere Midwives

Proud, knowledgeable, trusted

We are four Fiere midwives who have been working together in Groningen for many years. We use our passion and experience to guide pregnant women with the attention and care that suits them. In our hands you can confidently celebrate your pregnancy. Welcome to Fiere!

An eye for you and your child

It is important to us that you feel comfortable during your pregnancy. It is a special period for you and your partner, where good guidance and safety are paramount. We look at your wishes with you and create a tailor-made care plan together. Our goal is that you can look back on this period with pride and satisfaction. Read more about the team here.

Tailor-made care

As soon as you know you are pregnant, you are welcome to join us. During your pregnancy, you will come to us for consultations, we offer antenatal and maternity classes and you can come to us with all your questions.
Together we live towards the birth. Six weeks after giving birth, you come back for a follow-up check.

Always close by

Wherever you live in Groningen, we have consulting hours nearby. We are at six different locations in the city and in Eelderwolde. There are consulting hours every working day, as well as some evenings.

We provide care in the city and surrounding villages. Click the button below for a list of all consultation locations.

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Fiere maternity visits

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Why Fiere Midwives?

  • Four permanent midwives with a combined 105 years of experience!

  • Six consultation locations in Groningen
  • Daily (evening) consultation hours
  • Daily telephone consultation with a specialist nurse
  • Close cooperation with Martini Hospital within the Martini Birth Group
  • Centering Pregnancy
  • Fiere courses by a specialist nurse
  • Pre- and contraception consultation

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