Practical matters

Things to take care of before the labor and delivery

  • your name and house number should be clearly visible and you should have a properly working doorbell. Leave the outdoor lighting and/or the lights in the hall on;
  • your address is easy to find. If you’ve experienced problems with this in the past, then make sure to provide us with a clear map and/or itinerary beforehand;
  • the bed is at the correct height: 80-90 cm (be sure to check this) and is provided with a protective bed cover;
  • you are in the possession of a complete maternity package (this can usually be acquired through your health insurance)
    there’s a properly working telephone present.

What do you need for a home birth

  • all necessary items must be within reach;
  • 2 buckets with a bin bag are placed underneath the bed;
  • warm jugs with clothes around it are in the (made) crib;
  • a pile of cotton diapers and a couple of large bath towels are ready;
  • something to protect the carpet with if necessary;
  • you will give birth in a place from which possible transportation to the hospital is easily possible (for safety reasons we prefer the ground floor);
  • proper lighting.

Where to lend/rent things

Harting Bank

Lending of beds, bed risers, bedpans, patient lifting poles, and so on.
Stavangerweg 4 Groningen.


Lending and sales of healthcare equipment; beds, bed risers, bedpans.