Fiere Verloskundigen

Let’s start this journey together!


  • 4 experienced midwives
  • Personal attention
  • Driven and knowledgeable
  • Taylor-made briefing
  • Always nearby!
  • 4 experienced midwives
  • Personal attention
  • Driven and knowledgeable
  • Taylor-made briefings
  • Always nearby!
Welcome to Fiere Verloskundigen
We are four midwives who have been working together with great enthusiasm for many years in Groningen. We would like to guide you to give you the attention you need and make use of our knowledge and experience to do so. We are there for you from the first months of pregnancy until the first weeks after birth!

Confident, knowledgeable and well trusted

Logo Fiere verloskundigen met baby op achtergrond
Logo Fiere Verloskundigen met baby op achtergrond


Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant? Welcome!


Team van Fiere Verloskundigen volgnr. Benice Klingenborg, Saskia van Barneveld, Jenneke Kruidhof, Itske Huberts

Fiere Verloskundigen

Our practice name and looks changed in 2017. Formerly the Verloskundigen Praktijk van Groningen, now Fiere Verloskundigen. Furthermore, we are still who we are. Our passion for the profession has remained. With Fiere Verloskundigen you are in the right place from the first weeks of pregnancy up to and including the first period after birth.

Handen in hartvorm op buik van zwangere vrouw

Start this journey together

During your pregnancy you start this journey with your child. A special journey of new life. We are with you, answer all your questions and surround you and your child with care and attention. We know the way and are experienced. That gives peace and confidence.

Toren van Jozefkathedraal Groningen met wegwijzer op voorgrond

Always nearby: various locations in Groningen

Due to our various consultation hours, we are always close by. In the city of Groningen, Hoogkerk and in Eelderwolde. Our locations have been carefully selected so that you can reach us quickly and easily. We hold consultations on every working day and a number of evenings per week. You are also very welcome from our neighboring villages!

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Fiere boys

Fiere girls

Fiere maternity visits

Personal: a safe feeling

We see pregnancy and giving birth as a natural process. We want to guide you in this in a personal and professional manner. Our goal is that you and your partner look back with pride and content on this special time in your life at the end of this period. We want to meet your wishes in healthcare as much as possible. Safety for mother and child is very important to us.

Why Fiere?!

  • Close team of four experienced midwives
  • Daily (evening) office hours at various locations
  • Care that suits you
  • Fiere! information & courses in our own practice
  • High quality echoes at our own echo center Vita, also 3D
  • Member of the Martini Birth Group


COURSE – Refresher course ‘Childbirth’

Dates: the 2th and 4th of March 2020This course will be given two times for two hours during your maternity leave.You may have given birth before, but it's still nice to go through the information again. We go through the all steps like contractions etc. How does...

COURSE – ‘Fiere compact’

Dates: 4 and 6 May 2020A crash course of two times two hours for the pregnant ladies, during their maternity leave. Is this your first pregnancy and you didn't have time to follow a course before? With this course you will be given all necessary information on a short...

INFORMATION EVENING – ‘Going into labor’

How do I recognize early signs and symptoms of labor and when should I call? It's all pretty exciting. We give you this evening information about how, what and when concerning childbirth. This evening gives you information about the last phase of the pregnancy. It is...

Fiere news

Whooping cough vaccination, 22 weeks vaccination for pregnant women

From 16 December 2019 onwards, all pregnant women in The Netherlands will be offered a vaccination against whooping cough. This vaccination has been included in the dutch program for vaccinations. Whooping cough is a contagious disease that can have severe...

Fiere midwives Jenneke KruidhofBenice ClingeborgSaskia van BarneveldItske Huberts

Benice Klingenborg

Benice Clingeborg

Itske Huberts

Itske Uberts

Saskia van Barneveld

Saskia van Barneveld

Jenneke Kruidhof

Jenneke Kruidhof

Benice Klingenborg
Itste Huberts
Saskia van Barneveld
Jenneke Kruidhof
Benice Klingenborg en auto

Tuin van Benice Klingenborg

Brug bij zonsopgang

Crostini's met tomaat en paprika

Itske Huberts

tenorsaxofoon van Itske Huberts

kampeersite in de bergen

Itske Huberts met baby

Saskia van Barneveld aan het tuinieren

Saskia van Barneveld paardrijden

Saskia van Barneveld paardrijden

paarden in de weide


gezinsfoto Saskia van Barneveld


zonsopgang boven de weide

Jenneke Kruidhof



olifanten op de vlakte

paar voeten in hardloopschoenen

Jenneke Kruidhof met kinderen

latte macchiato

Jenneke Kruidhof bij Kilimanjaro