When to call?

The labor and delivery usually take place between the 37th and the 42nd week of the pregnancy. Thus 3 weeks before, up until 2 weeks after the due date. If the baby announces itself more than 3 weeks early (by means of contractions, blood loss or loss of amniotic fluid) then please call us immediately.

Call when you think it’s necessary

Every labor starts differently. You can call us when you think it is necessary. As a guideline you can use the following:

Loss of amniotic fluid

  • Transparent or pink amniotic fluid, sometimes with little flakes in it, is normal. If your water breaks during daytime you can call us immediately. If this happens during the night you can call the midwife on duty the following morning around 9am;
  • Green, yellow or brown amniotic fluid is not normal (the baby has defecated in the amniotic fluid). Call us immediately if this happens;
  • When the baby’s head has not descended enough (we will have told you this during the consultation) please call us immediately if you’re lose amniotic fluid.


  • If you are having frequent, strong contractions that come every 4 to 5 minutes during at least an hour and that last about a minute.

Blood loss

  • If you are losing mucus mixed with a bit of blood there is no reason for concern, this is normal;
  • If, however, you are losing a lot of bright red blood, then call us immediately.

Depending on the situation we will discuss with you when we will come over.