Privacy at Fiere Verloskundigen


Fiere Verloskundigen is convinced that the protection of the privacy of its customers and visitors to its website is essential for its activities. Personal data of customers and visitors are treated and protected with the greatest possible care. Fiere Verloskundigen therefore always complies with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.

The website, is maintained by Fiere Verloskundigen itself. This privacy policy explains how we handle the processing of personal data of visitors to the website and data we receive from our clients when they are in care with us. This privacy statement describes, among other things, which categories of personal data are collected, for what purpose the personal data are used and to which categories of recipients the personal data are provided.

Information about Fiere Verloskundigen

Fiere Verloskundigen is located in Groningen and is registered under registration number 01174307 in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce. For questions about the privacy statement, Fiere Verloskundigen can be reached on telephone number 050-5250669. You can also contact us by e-mail. The e-mail address is [email protected].

Processing of personal data

Various personal details are processed in our midwifery practice. This is necessary to be able to treat you properly for medical care and necessary for the financial settlement of the care provided. In addition, processing may be necessary for, for example, combating a serious risk to your health or to comply with a legal obligation (for example, the mandatory notification of an infectious disease under the Public Health Act).

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Fiere Obstetricians is responsible for processing personal data that takes place in practice. Practice meets the following obligations as follows:

  • Your data is collected for specific purposes:
    – for care provision;
    – for efficient management and policy;
    – for support of scientific research, education and information;
  • In principle, no processing takes place for other purposes;
  • You will be informed of the fact that your personal data is being processed. This can be done by the midwife, but also via a brochure or via our website;
  • All employees within Fiere Verloskundigen, as well as observers and trainees, have committed themselves to treat your personal details confidentially;
  • Your personal data is well protected against unauthorized access from third parties;
  • Your personal data will not be stored any longer than is necessary for proper care provision;
  • For the processing of data, we have entered into processor agreements with parties for which this is deemed mandatory by the GDPR;
  • We have made the Google Analytics account used for the website privacy friendly. This so that privacy sensitive data such as the IP address is sent anonymously to Google.

Retention period

According to the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO), the legal retention period for data is 15 years “or as much longer as ensues from the care of a good care provider”. We keep our files with client data for at least 15 years.

The Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp) stipulates that healthcare providers must properly protect medical records. For example, we ensure that only authorized persons have access to the file of our clients. Our data, computers and software are highly protected. We have concluded a processing agreement with our supplier. We have taken sufficient measures to prevent the loss and unlawful use of your data.

After 15 years, the current paper records are carefully destroyed through an accredited company. Digital records are kept in our system. Paper records obtained during healthcare are fragmented after being entered into the digital record.

Do you want to view your medical file? Then you can submit a request to us for this. You will only see the data about yourself.

Processors and other third parties

Personal data can be processed by Fiere Verloskundigen by so-called processors and sub-processors. The processors and sub-processors act under our responsibility and may not make any changes to the personal data. Your personal data will not be provided to other parties, with the exception of the parties as described in this privacy statement. Your personal data will also be provided to other parties if we are obliged to do so on the basis of the law or a court decision. We exchange data with fellow care providers during your pregnancy to guarantee the continuity of care. This includes, for example, the gynecologist, the pediatrician and maternity care. An external party that is not directly involved in the care of the pregnancy will not receive any data from us without your permission.

Your privacy rights

You have a number of rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter: “GDPR”). You have the right to request the Fiere Verloskundigen to inspect (Article 15 of the GDPR), rectification (Article 16 of the GDPR) or to delete your personal data (Article 17 of the GDPR). You also have the right to request Fiere Verloskundigen to limit the processing of personal data (art. 18 GDPR). Under certain circumstances you are also entitled to data transferability (Article 20 of the GDPR) and the right to object (Article 21 of the GDPR). More information about when it is possible to exercise one or more of these rights can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

If you want to make use of one or more of these rights, you can contact us via the contact options mentioned above.

Apart from the above rights, you always have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


This privacy statement can be changed. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement. The current version of the privacy statement was last amended on 31 May 2018.