Healthy pregnant

Create good conditions
Through a healthy lifestyle of both parents you can positively influence the circumstances in which you become pregnant and the pregnancy outcome for yourself and your child. Therefore, take good care of yourself and therefore also of your child and his development.

Healthy pregnant

Create good conditions
Through a healthy lifestyle of both parents you can positively influence the circumstances in which you become pregnant and the pregnancy outcome for yourself and your child. Therefore, take good care of yourself and therefore also of your child and his development.

A healthy lifestyle

Less chance of complications
A healthy lifestyle of both parents can reduce the chance of complications during pregnancy, childbirth, during the maternity period, but also in the later life of your child. This concerns aspects such as nutrition, weight, smoking, alcohol and medicine use. In addition, potential risk factors in the family or at work may play a role.

Better safe than sorry
What advice you do or do not want to follow remains of course entirely up to you. Remember that the period that you are pregnant is relatively short and that the consequences can be lifelong. In our opinion, healthy pregnancy is therefore the advice. Prevention always remains better than cure! You can contact us if you have any questions about this, this is also referred to as the children’s wish hour.


Eating healthy and drinking a lot
It is important to eat healthily and drink a lot. You do not have to eat for two, but do not diet during pregnancy. Because of the nausea in the beginning of the pregnancy you can lose a few pounds, that’s fine. On average, women gain 12-15 kilos during pregnancy, some more, others less.

Folic acid
Use folic acid from the moment you stop contraception up to and including the first ten weeks of pregnancy (400 or 500 micrograms). Folic acid reduces the risk of a number of serious handicaps in the child including a spina bifida (open back).

Right information
You can find a lot on the internet about do’s and don’s regarding nutrition during pregnancy. We advise you to read about this on (Dutch site). Here you will find information that is correct. Complete information on raw meat, raw milk, liver and fish, among other things. You can also download an document with important tips, handy for the fridge!

Smoking, alcohol and drugs


Alcohol is harmful to your child
Do not drink alcohol if you are pregnant. That’s bad for your baby. Even an occasional glass can be harmful. It is bad for the formation of the organs, sometimes the baby does not grow well, or is born prematurely. It can cause learning and behavioral problems and problems with concentrating with your child.
You can find more information at: (Dutch site)


Smoking hinders growth, among other things
Smoking is bad for your child because the harmful substances from the cigarette end up in the blood of your child through the blood through the placenta and umbilical cord. This will give your child less nutrition and oxygen. This makes the baby grow less well.

Life-threatening complications

It can also cause other (life-threatening for the baby) complications in pregnancy. Crib death is also more common if the pregnant woman has smoked, or if there is smoking in the presence of the baby. Secondhand smoke is also unhealthy. Ask people in your area to smoke outside.
You can find more information on the website of Trimbos (Dutch sites).

Notify us
Always tell us that you smoke, we can see if we can help you to stop or if we have to do extra checks during pregnancy.


Drug use is very dangerous
Never use drugs during your pregnancy. Using drugs (including smoking) is very dangerous for your child. Always tell us if you use drugs, we can see if we can help you stop. It is also very important for us to know so that we do extra checks if necessary during pregnancy and in the case of hard drugs the baby must withdraw after birth.
You can find more information on the website


Workplace risks?
You do well to check whether your workplace presents risks for fertility or pregnancy. If you think your workplace involves risks, you should preferably seek advice before you are pregnant with the company doctor or occupational health and safety service. You can find more information about this on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Dutch site).


Active pregnant is easier
Exercise can prevent or reduce many complaints during pregnancy, improves your sleep and it is scientifically proven that women who move actively during pregnancy give birth more easily. Norwegian research in 2015 shows that women who exercise fairly intensively three times a week are 14% less likely to develop pelvic pain.

Moderately intensive exercise
The general advice (also outside of pregnancy) is to exercise 30 minutes of moderate intensity for at least five days a week. With moderate intensity you have a noticeably higher heart rate, your breathing goes faster, but you can still talk. The following applies to all sports during pregnancy: listen to your body!

Increased risk
Contact sports and sports with an increased risk of falling (for example boxing, horse riding, skiing) are not suitable during pregnancy. Swimming, walking and cycling are. There are also various sporting pregnancy courses in Groningen, you can find them under the heading courses in Groningen.



Not in the first 14 weeks
Although not tested on humans, we may conclude from animal testing that a visit to the sauna in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy is not advisable. In animals, which were exposed to high temperatures during the initial gestation period, higher percentages of miscarriages and birth defects were found. It is therefore assumed that high temperatures at the start of pregnancy may cause abnormalities and miscarriages. We therefore advise you not to visit the sauna for the first 14 weeks.

Be careful and listen to the body
After the 14th week you can visit the sauna normally. Only start carefully and do short sessions, because the hormones may cause you to respond differently than outside of pregnancy. Do not go in the hottest sauna. If you feel dizzy or otherwise feel uneasy, get out of the sauna immediately.

Sunbathing and tanning bed

Be careful

For both the sun and the tanning bed, be careful. Because of pregnancy, many women get a different pigmentation of the skin, so you can get a spotty tan. Some women get the so-called maternity mask. A mask-shaped discoloration in the face. The annoying thing is that it does not always disappear completely after pregnancy. So always try very carefully how your skin reacts to the sun and use a high protection factor. For the sunbed applies no longer than 15 minutes. If your belly becomes thicker, it is also more sensitive to burning, so with a big belly it is wise to protect the belly from the sun.
Dye your hair

In itself no adverse consequences, but …
A lot of research has been done into the effects of dyeing your hair. No adverse effects were found in any of the studies. There is also only a minimal amount of dyes through your scalp into your bloodstream. However, we would recommend that you read the article on chemical exposure and, based on this article, make your own choices as to whether or not you think it is wise to dye your hair.

Making love

No problem
A question that not everyone dares to ask, but the answer is, yes! It never hurts to make love when you are pregnant unless your membranes are broken or have blood loss.

Hard belly by making love

The baby is well packed in amniotic fluid and will not notice much more than when you walk up the stairs in pace. The womb can become hard during intercourse, because oxytocin is released. That won’t hurt. If the uterus has not yet given birth, you will not get any contractions. Such a hard womb naturally softens again, although it can sometimes take up to an hour. That feels tight.

In short: don’t deny yourself the pleasure

Vacation and fly

Holiday = relaxation
If the pregnancy goes well, there is no objection to going on holiday. On the contrary, it is a good way to relax and prepare together for the arrival of the little one. When pregnant from a first child, it is also referred to as the babymoon.

Choose your destination wisely
Choose wisely where you are going. High in the mountains is less beneficial for you and your baby because of less oxygen in the air. We also advise against the tropics in connection with (tropical) infectious diseases.

On the plane?
There is little objection to flying during pregnancy. But at the end of the pregnancy, airlines no longer want to take pregnant women with them. Not because that is harmful for the pregnancy, but because they do not want to run the risk of giving birth on board and possibly an emergency landing for that. So before you make a booking, inquire about the pregnancy duration that the airline will take you with. With us you can then get a pregnancy statement to take with you.

Infectious diseases

Be careful
Infectious diseases such as rubella, chicken pox, fifth disease or cytomegaly virus (CMV) can make not only yourself but also your baby sick during your pregnancy. It is therefore important to contact us immediately if you have been in contact with someone who has this disease. We will then assess whether additional research or possible vaccinations are necessary.


Gums inflamed faster
People used to say, “Every child costs a tooth.” Fortunately that is not the case. But if you are pregnant, you can get cavities faster because your gums bleed much more easily. If you are pregnant, the blood vessels in your mouth break down faster than normal. This can cause your gums to become inflamed faster. This is because more blood flows through the veins in your mouth when you are pregnant.

Take good care of your teeth
According to various studies, an untreated periodontitis could lead to premature birth. Why this is is not yet known. This is possibly caused by the fact that the inflammation gives an increased activity of the body’s immune response and this can induce labor. In addition, bacteria can enter the placenta through the bloodstream and cause a rejection reaction there. Take good care of your teeth. This prevents problems. It is advisable to schedule an extra visit to the dentist or dental hygienist during pregnancy.


Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant? Welcome!



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