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Check, check, double-check

During the pregnancy you will visit us 12 to 14 times for follow-up checks. As your pregnancy progresses you will visit us more frequently. At the end of your pregnancy we will even see you every week.


What do we do during follow-up checks

During such a visit we will answer your questions, measure your blood pressure, assess the growth and position of your baby, and we will listen to its heartbeat. If there are no particularities, a check-up will take about 10 minutes.

Routine checks

Every once in a while, your blood will be tested. For this you will have to go to the laboratory. The first time among other things to determine your blood type and Rhesus factor. Further in your pregnancy we will check your blood again, for example to check whether you have anaemia. Sometimes it’s necessary to bring a little bit of urine. This only happens on indication. Be sure to weigh yourself on your own scale every now and then, in the morning, without your clothes on.


At the beginning of the pregnancy, an ultrasound is made with every pregnant woman. If wanted you can have a more extensive ultrasound (the structural ultrasound examination) around 20 weeks. Later on it can be desirable to have another ultrasound. For example to assess the position or the size of the baby. The ultrasounds are usually made by ultrasound operators from Vita, the midwifery centre of Groningen. Sometimes by a doctor in the hospital.

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