First visit

To get an idea about your health in general and your medical history, after your registration we will send you an extensive questionnaire. You can also download the questionnaire for your first visit here.

This questionnaire is accompanied by additional information, a confirmation of your first appointment, and an appointment for an ultrasound.

Course of your first visit

The intake conversation with the midwife during the first visit will take about 45 minutes. This time is mostly spent on discussing the questionnaire, providing verbal and written information, and answering questions. We will also discuss the options for screening on congenital abnormalities. By this time you will also get your first ultrasound, to determine how long you’ve been pregnant.
The first time you visit us you will be around 10 weeks pregnant. Because in this early stage it is still difficult and possibly harmful to listen to the baby’s heart, no external examination will be performed. We will measure your blood pressure, and you will receive some forms to get your blood taken at the laboratory.