Home birth or outpatient birth

Between 37 and 42 weeks you can give birth under the guidance of the midwife. Before and after this time is a reason to give birth at the gynaecologist.

If you don’t have a medical indication you can choose between a home birth or an outpatient birth in the Martini hospital or the UMCG. During the labor and delivery, the midwife is assisted by a maternity nurse.

If you would like to have an outpatient birth we advise you to contact your health insurance with regard to the compensation.

During your pregnancy we will discuss where you would prefer to give birth: at home or in an outpatient unit. Sometimes women still decide differently during the dilation stage, or sometimes we see cause to change the location of your preference.

For the outpatient birth it’s important to have a bag with the necessary things ready. Together with you we will determine when it’s time to go to the hospital. You will already get to go home a couple of hours after the delivery. Once you are home the maternity nurse will visit you for guidance and advice.