The midwifes

Four professional and experienced midwifes
We take care of you and your child from the beginning. We are a highly motivated team at Fiere Verloskundigen and have a professional en personal approach regarding medical care.

The midwives

Four professional and experienced midwives
We take care of you and your child from the beginning. We are a highly motivated team at Fiere Verloskundigen and have a professional en personal approach regarding medical care.

We, Benice Clingeborg, Saskia van Barneveld, Itske Huberts and Jenneke Kruidhof are a close team of experienced midwives. Together with our practice nurses we are Fiere Verloskundigen.

How it all started

Period 1964 till 1989 – Loes Bink
Our practice is founded in 1964 by Loes Bink. Maybe your mothers still know her. She is every inch a midwife. She loved her profession and felt personal involved with the women she helped.

Period 1989 till 1994 –  Benice & Saskia
Benice joined the practice of mrs. Bink in 1989. It took her some time to lose her image as ‘assistant of mrs. Bink’ :). After 5 year mrs. Bink retired. Saskia and Benice took over from 1994. From then on the practice didn’t had a name; it was just Benice and Saskia.

Period 1994 till 1999 – Benice, Saskia  & Itske
Benice and Saskia both became a mother. The practice kept on growing. It was a time of many pregnancies, a shortage of midwives and having little children of their own. Those where busy but great times! Great because the practice did very well. 5 years later came our saviour Itske, to join our practice. First temporary for maternity leave and later she joined as midwive as a partner.

Period 1994 till 2005 – Benice, Saskia, Itske & Jenneke
We still had no official name but (by the maternity assistants and the people in the Martini Hospital) we were called BIS. Not very pretty, but nice and easy. Itske, soon became pregnant and had 3 children in the following years. In 2005 we had a very nice intern. That was Jenneke. She graduated in the first batch of the new course in Groningen and came to work with us. And luckily, she never left. From then on, we were called BIJS.

Period 2005 till 2017 – De Verloskundigenpraktijk van Groningen
For years we have been thinking about a new name for our practice, but it turned out to be quite difficult. In the end we opted for: The Midwifery Practice of Groningen. Not very creative, but straightforward. The people in the hospital and maternity care continued to persist in BIJS. In 2017 we have been working together for more than 10 years in our beautiful practice, so it was time for a new name and a fresh new look.

2017 – Fiere Verloskundigen

Team van Fiere Verloskundigen

Fiere midwives Jenneke KruidhofBenice ClingeborgSaskia van BarneveldItske Huberts

Benice Klingenborg

Benice Clingeborg

Itske Huberts

Itske Uberts

Saskia van Barneveld

Saskia van Barneveld

Jenneke Kruidhof

Jenneke Kruidhof

Benice Klingenborg
Itste Huberts
Saskia van Barneveld
Jenneke Kruidhof
Benice Klingenborg en auto
Tuin van Benice Klingenborg
Brug bij zonsopgang
Crostini's met tomaat en paprika
Itske Huberts
tenorsaxofoon van Itske Huberts
kampeersite in de bergen
Itske Huberts met baby
Saskia van Barneveld aan het tuinieren
Saskia van Barneveld paardrijden
Saskia van Barneveld paardrijden
paarden in de weide
gezinsfoto Saskia van Barneveld
zonsopgang boven de weide
Jenneke Kruidhof
olifanten op de vlakte
paar voeten in hardloopschoenen
Jenneke Kruidhof met kinderen
latte macchiato
Jenneke Kruidhof bij Kilimanjaro


Are you pregnant or do you want to become pregnant? Welcome!



COURSE – ‘Fiere compact’

Dates: 24 and 26 August 2020A crash course of two times two hours for the pregnant ladies, during their maternity leave. Is this your first pregnancy and you didn't have time to follow a course before? With this course you will be given all necessary information on a...

INFORMATION EVENING – ‘Maternity and nutrition’

Are you close to your due date and would you like to receive important information about the maternity period and nutrition? Then please come to this information evening. A maternity week is a turbulent period in which you can use as much information as possible. You...


This is a meeting for you and your partner, early in the pregnancy around ±15 weeks.What do I feel? Is what I feel normal? How often do I need to go to the midwife? We inform you this evening about the ins and outs about being pregnant.Planned dates: 2...

Personal: a safe feeling

We see pregnancy and giving birth as a natural process. We want to guide you in this in a personal and professional manner. Our goal is that you and your partner look back with pride and content on this special time in your life at the end of this period. We want to meet your wishes in healthcare as much as possible. Safety for mother and child is very important to us.

Why Fiere?!

  • Close team of four experienced midwives
  • Daily (evening) office hours at various locations
  • Care that suits you
  • Fiere! information & courses in our own practice
  • High quality echoes at our own echo center Vita, also 3D
  • Member of the Martini Birth Group